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2016 Mum Festival Queen - Rachel Martin

2016 Mum Festival Queen
- Rachel Martin -
Troy High School


Tipp City Boy Scout Troop 586

Boy Scouts

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  Honoring Our Heroes  


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                        2017 Officers and Committees

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Board of Trustees

President: Dave Bechtol
1st Vice President: William House
2nd Vice President: Mary Thomas
Treasurer:  Michelle Ireton
Secretary:  Kathy Taylor
Trustee:  Jay Taylor
Trustee:  Jennifer Tennant
Trustee:  Daniel McKowen
Trustee:  Mary Thomas
Trustee:  Amber Corkhill
Past President: Corey Rismiller

Legal Counsel: William House
City Representative:  Chief Eric Burris

Adopt-A-Mum: Boy Scout Troop 586  Cid Ridgeway
Arts & Crafts:  Michelle Cook and Sheryl Bechtol
Concessions:  Kathy Taylor
Cruise-In:  Noel Winblad
Cruise-In Concessions:  Noel Winblad
Entertainment:  Russ and Joan Thayer
Facilities/Logistics:  Paula Bradford
      (radios, golf carts, Porta-Johns)
Hospitality:  Ashley Cruea
Jr. Run for the Mums:  Liberty Eberly
Little Mr. and Miss Mum:  Mary Thomas and Corey Rismiller
Merchants Mart:  Michelle Cook and Sheryl Bechtol
Motorcycle Cruise-In:  JayTaylor and Corey Rismiller
Mum Festival Parade:   Kate Taylor and Dave Bechtol
Mum Kids Land:   Amber Corkhill
Parking:  Chief Eric Burris
Photographer:  Stephanie Underwood
Public Relations:  Carla Ungerecht
Queen's Pageant:  Jennifer Tennant and Tina VanHoose
Run for the Mums:  Kathy Taylor
Sponsorship:  Simon Ireton and Bill House
T-Shirts:  Mary Thomas and Corey Rismiller
Utilities:  Ray Tebbe
Website and Answer Line Phone System:  Karen Fry and Jim Fry

Want to volunteer your help???
Call 937-387-6774 option 1,  24/7
Click Here to volunteer!!


Again, we thank everyone for their support and hope you will enjoy the Tipp City Mum Festival.


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